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Why Poo Crew?

Before and After...

Snow and ice can pose a challenge if you're looking to keep your yard clean

Eventually, the yard thaws and the snow melts away - the poop, however, remains

Proper winter maintenance reduces the risk of 'poop soup' in the Spring

We'll take care of it for you so you never need to deal with crap again!

Your family's safety is our #1 priority.

Watch the video to see how we doo doo so while we scoop your dogs #2

We are the only lawn care company in the world that employs a team full time exclusively to ensure your property is secure by using

Audio, Video, & Live GPS technology.

We know life happens and crap stacks up, It's OK!

We've been there too

Poo Crew®️ is the Canadian leader in dog waste pickup. Established in 2010 Daniel Diment and the crew want you to have a yard that is always ready to enjoy!

We Scoop dog poo by hand whenever possible! We DO NOT use fancy tools but basic shovels and latex gloves and hands🤯. WE ARE SERIOUS, using rakes and other items that cannot be thoroughly cleaned is dangerous ☣️ due to Parvovirus, worms, etc. PLUS we found that physically getting that low allowed us to do an amazing job.

If you are not satisfied, we will return to fix the error, or provide a refund

Crazy fast!

No Contracts or long term commitments

No hidden fees, No surprise charges

GPS tracked Poo-fessional's, for routing and safety efficiency

Gates latched,👨‍💻 human monitored, LIVE, to ensure each individual gate is secured every service.

YES we literally have someone that just watches pictures of latched gates all day.

Typically less $ but if we are not apples to apples a better price we will match it & customize the package to beat the value.

Monitoring & Reporting, trained staff look out for health of your dogs, safety of your property, unusual events or pet behaviours.

We promise to never spam or sell your Information to other companies. Just a clean yard.

We do not use rakes and other elaborate tools that can collect germs, the tools and shoes we doo doo use are disinfected between property's at no extra cost.

Professionally managed

All of our locations are individually owned and operated by the owner

Free pet food & Supply delivery

Dog health monitoring by keeping track of poop colour consistency and structure.

Gift Certificate packages

Mosquito yard repellent services.

Disinfectant & smell removal services

Our website and payment processor is 256 bit encrypted for your safety.


We Serve...

  • Regina

  • Calgary

  • Edmonton

  • Saskatoon

  • Winnipeg

  • Toronto

  • Kitchener

  • Waterloo

    • London

  • Hamilton

...And their surrounding areas!

  • When should I book?

We scoop all year round, you can book whenever you want. If you're getting weekly scheduled services, we suggest having us start right way. If your only getting the 1x service in the spring and you didnt scoop all winter, we suggest waiting for your yard to be free of snow, water, Ice. This will allow us to doo doo the best job possible & for you to get the best value for your dollar. Unfortunatly we can only scoop poop we can see. If you cannot wait for your entire yard to melt please consider adding our weekly scheduled service upon checkout or a second scooping.

  • How long does it take?

Your property can be cleaned as fast as within 1hr from your sign up! NO JOKE, we use a state of the art GPS tracking software to ensure the most efficient routes. The average turn around time is 3 business days during the spring busy season. You do not need to be home during the cleaning.

  • How should I book?

Our website provides quick & easy sign up in less than 4 min in most cases. Feel free to call and ask questions but signups over the phone take a "little" longer (43min on average😲)

We love hearing from you but signing up online helps us focus on getting to your property faster.

  • Can I pre-book?

Yes, of course. Also lock in any current prices or promotions when you check out. Then let us know when your yard is ready to be scooped.
(Call, facebook message, or use the update account section on the top right of this page)

  • I have a small or large yard?

Our prices are based on 19 factors but yard size is a small variable. It is generally how much waste a dog accumulates during a period of time and the season or how difficult it is to clean. If you have an above average sized yard like an acreage please let us know, however 90% of the time the price will stay the same. We are often less expensive then competitors for all yard sizes and dog amounts. In rare cases that we cost more, please let us know so we can offer our price match guarantee.

  • Is my yard ready to be scooped?

Once you have completed the sign-up process you will need to make a payment or make a payment arrangement. Your information is then reviewed and your yard will be put on the list of yards to be completed. The average turn around time is 3 business days with a max of 7 during our busy season. Routes are adjusted daily to allow us to create efficient routes for the team. You do not need to be home during the cleaning

  • Will you ensure our gate is latched?

ABSOLUTELY! As “Pooper Scoopers” we have a great responsibility. We know that the safety and security of the families we serve are in our hands. PLUS every scooper is LIVE monitored throughout the day, we know where they are via GPS tracking and when they leave your property they snap a picture of your latched gate and send it to the supervisor reviewing yards LIVE. This means we are double ensuring your pets/Family safety.

  • Who will scoop my yard?

Trained "PooFessionals", of course! Our company is insured and fully trained. These "PooFessionals" are trained in disease types, sanitation practices, dog bite prevention & safety as well as dog body language.

  • Do I need to be home?

No, most of our services are completed while people are at work. Weather and sunlight dependent we will be working 7am to 9pm or Dark. If your gate is secured by a combination lock or key, you will be able to provide details on how we can enter in the event you are not home. We will knock prior to scooping 1x clean clients yards.

  • Will you call prior?

Weekly scheduled clients will have specific days they will be serviced so you will always know we are coming. In the event you have a special request just add it to the details on during your sign up and we can help customize your account. 1x scooping clients can arrange calls but if its due to dogs being out read the next question! ;)

  • Can my dogs be outside / My dogs will be outside?

Yes as long as they are friendly.

For 1x service clients, we will knock & ring the doorbell prior to starting work. If you are home this will allow you to let your dogs in if you would like (we doodoo suggest this for 1x cleans).

Please DO NOT let your dogs out if we are already in your yard.
This can startle both the dog and scooper, even in the event that both scooper and owner know what’s going on. The dog should see the Pooper Scooper walk into the yard as most dogs may become surprise/startled/nervous/aggressive/etc. and can be compared to - by someone's already in their bathroom while walking into it. I know I wouldn’t want someone popping out from behind my shower curtain as I entered my bathroom 🤣

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