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Get 4 weeks of AMAZING scooping service for $7, you deserve it!
  • No more fighting with who's job it is
  • No spring mess if you get the service through the winter
  • No searching in the dark for poop after work, or trying to find the time on the weekends
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Why only $7
If you’re thinking “$7 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:
-$7 puts our service within reach of everyone to try.
-We want only people who really care about your yard.
-It helps us cover the marketing costs without giving money to expensive advertising company's. 
We also believe that once you experience Poo Crew you will love it so much that you will want a poop free yard all year round.
But that’s it…
About My Guarantee 
WE WANT TO SHOW YOU WE ROCK, this will be our chance to amaze you but if your not happy we will give you your money back and get all 4 weeks of services & PAY NOTHING! Stop the service at any time and request a 100% money-back refund with absolutely no hassle. Even if we scooped the whole 4 weeks!
What will I receive
✅ Tools/shoes, cleaned & disinfected for FREE
🚫 No Contracts, Cancel, Pause, or Skip services anytime
🛰️GPS tracked and routed Poo-Fessional will scoop your entire property each week no matter how long it takes, and you will never pay a spring clean again if you keep the service till the spring.
✅ Amazing service every week
How will you find the POOP in the winter?
While its true that searching for poo in the snow is a little more difficult we will get most poo bombs while the snow accumulates and then while it melts. We will learn where your dogs crap. We can even following their paw tracks. BEST OF ALL if you stay with the weekly scheduled services through the winter NO spring clean cost applies, PAY NOTHING EXTRA. We will be motivated to get it all every scoop and do what is best for your property. If you need a catch up cleaning we will ask you during your sign up, we will give it to you at a discounted rate.
What happens after the 4 weeks of services
If you want to continue the service do nothing after the 4 weeks, we will keep coming and providing amazing service!  if you ever want to pause, skip or cancel just call. 
How Soon Will I Receive My first cleaning?
All completed sign-ups are scooped within 3 business days on average and max of 7. If you are seeing this before Wednesday at midnight we should be able to scoop you this week. 
What if I have more than a weeks worth of poo?
If you require a catch up cleaning we offer a special price that is always 10% less than the listed 1x price by it self. Best of all if you bundle this deal with a 1x clean we can maintain your yard as the snow melts on a weekly basis.
But it says $7 in the video?