We want to give you the best service possible!
Are you sure your yard is ready to be cleaned?!
Poo on or stuck in ice or underwater/snow cannot be scooped. Need it done as it melts get weekly services and we can get the poop as it melts.
Want to make EVERYONE's service faster:
Including yours
-Make sure your property is accessible the MINUTE you let us know your yard is ready. We have been known to show up within 5 minutes of a ready request.

-Leave your garbage bins out, city bylaw does not allow us to transport Poo, its a bio hazard.

We will knock/ring your doorbell when we get to your home so if the dogs are out you can let them in, You do not need to be home for us to service your property, and we may not call prior.

Due to this system, only scheduled weekly clients know when their service day will be. Considering weekly service click this link https://www.poocrew.ca/weekly-service

More questions refer to our FAQ sheet on the home page.

My yard is ready form: