RegINA Services are currently 3 business days behind, no other citys are affected

Due to us spending the extra time required in yards and weekly current clients are of course getting our priority, see you soon!


Contacting us 

What an exceptional year it has been! We have had outstanding support this year and I would like to say thank you for that!

You may have noticed that our response time has been slower on the phone this year. As I grew this business it was very important for me to provide phone support for our customers to ensure exceptional customer service - something we have been able to do for the past 12 years! This has positively created a high demand for our service and is something of which I am proud. Due to this positive customer satisfaction, we have been exceptionally busy this year. However, our Customer Service Manager is currently in the hospital and as we wish him the best through his recovery, we are excited to announce the launching of a new way for you to contact our office in hopes we can keep up better with all of your requests - EMAIL!

Please email us at so that we may provide you with the exceptional service we have been known for. If your situation requires a phone call, we will call you. If you do need to reach us and your scooper gets to you first, please let them know when they arrive and they will be able to contact the office directly for you as well.

We are doing our best to provide a solution to this communication bottleneck.
As a small business (4 people in our office) please only call if it is an emergency.

ALL phone numbers listed ANYWHERE are directed to the same place and we are balancing providing customer service to you and supporting our scoopers so that we can do an amazing job for you!

We appreciate your continued patience with us and we guarantee you will be happy with our service!

Working hard,

Will you call prior?
Weekly scheduled clients will have specific days they will be serviced so you will always know we are coming. In the event you have a special request just add it to the details on during your sign up and we can help customize your account. 1x scooping clients can arrange calls but if its due to dogs being out read the next question ;)
Do I need to be home?
No, most of our services are completed while people are at work. Weather and sunlight dependent we will be working 7am to 9pm or Dark. If your gate is secured by a combination lock or key you will be able to provide details on how we can enter in the event you are not home. We will knock prior to scooping 1x clean clients yards. 
Can my dogs be outside?
Yes as long as they are friendly.

For 1x service clients, we will knock & ring the doorbell prior to starting work. If you are home this will allow you to let your dogs in if you would like (we doodoo suggest this for 1x cleans).

Please DO NOT let your dogs out if we are already in your yard. This can startle both the dog and scooper, even in the event that both scooper and owner know what’s going. The dog should see the Pooper Scooper walk into the yard as most dogs may become surprise/startled/nervous/aggressive/etc. and can be compared to - by someone's already in their bathroom while walking into it. I know I wouldn’t want someone popping out from behind my shower curtain as I entered my bathroom 🤣